You two are ama…

You two are amazing – I love reading your posts and can’t imagine what it must be like to pack up every day and then get back on the bikes . I was thinking of you as I was riding on one of our favourite short bike rides – across the Champlain Bridge, along the Quebec side of the river and then back over the Portage  Bridge. It was a glorious evening after our first rainfall in weeks and I even got to hear some of the music from the last night at Bluesfest.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and observations and looking forward to hearing about your travels through Ontario

Take care

Val R



Brent … let me help you with your math problem

4/4 = 1, (4+4)/4=2, 4-4^(4-4)=3, where ^ means to the power of, 4^1=4, 4+(4/4)=5, 4+(4+4)/4=6, 4+4-4^(4-4)=7 4×4-(4+4)=8, 4+4+4^(4-4)=9, and finally 4+4-(4+4)/4=10.

I wouldn’t want your math memories to distract your attention from the road.

All the best to both of you.  Ride on.


Brian Dalziel (sorry, a math teacher)


Bon courage! I feel both envious and lazy.


Hmmmm. When you…

Hmmmm. When you start your food co op in Ottawa, you’lll need some of those Kootenay co op cookies then I’ll drive all the way to Ottawa for them. (May that is against the point- perhaps we should cycle).

Sandra and Brian


Rain, rain go away